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20s/30s – young adult fellowship for people between 20 and 40 years of age; includes both married and single people 

921 Fund – 2006-2009 Capital Campaign to raise funds to renovate the Church House Building

Book of Confession – Part I of the constitution containing nine historic confessions of the church that form the framework of the church’s theology: the Nicene and Apostles’ Creed, the Scots’ and Second Helvetic Confession, the Heidelburg Catechism, the Westminster Confession (and its Shorter and Longer Catechism), the Theological Declaration of Barmen, the Confession of 1967 and the Brief Statement of Faith

Book of Order – Part II of the constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) containing the Form of Government, the Directory for Worship, and the Rules of Discipline

Chancel – the raised area at the front of the sanctuary containing the pulpit, Communion table, organ and choir

Church House – the eleven story brick building adjacent to the Sanctuary that houses the church’s administrative and program space

Columbarium – a side chapel with niches to hold cremation ashes

Communion – The Lord’s Supper, also called Holy Communion and The Eucharist. A remembrance of the meals Jesus had with his disciples not only on the night of his arrest but also after his resurrection and one of the ways the Risen Christ continues to give himself to his followers in order to strengthen and mature their lives of faith

Confessions – the word is used in two contexts: 1) a theological statement, i.e., the Scots’ Confession; or, 2) as a statement, either personal or corporate, acknowledging our sin and seeking forgiveness from God and one another

Dana Chapel – a worship space located behind the Sanctuary, used primarily for personal prayer, but also for small weddings and funerals, Healing and Wholeness services, as well as adult education on Sunday mornings

Deacons – those ordained in the Presbyterian Church to the ministries of “sympathy and service” who assist the pastors in the care of special needs people and very senior members of the congregation

Elders – those ordained in the Presbyterian Church who are vested with governance in the congregation and looked to as the spiritual leaders of the congregation

Minister of Word and Sacrament/Pastor – those ordained in the Presbyterian Church to the function of preaching and celebrating the sacraments

Elements – a theological way of speaking about the bread and the wine used in Communion

Font – the large, green, marble chalice-shaped bowl in the center aisle that is used for baptism. Fonts may be of any size or shape, and may be placed at the entrance of the sanctuary, in the narthex, or on or near the chancel

GMF/TEEZ – Global Ministry Fellow, a newly graduated and ordained Presbyterian minister who serves on the staff of Theological Education by Extension in Zambia (TEEZ), a program that takes Christian education to people in their village churches. The Global Ministry Fellow serves on MAPC’s staff from June through August, then on the TEEZ staff from September through August, and then must travel in the Global South for at least six weeks before returning to the United States. Thereupon, after two weeks vacation, they rejoin the MAPC pastoral staff in New York for the next six months

Kids’ Club – a Wednesday afternoon Christian education program, for children from the ages of 4 through grade six, that meets from 4 pm to 6 pm, September through May, and included recreation, study with one of the pastors, children’s choir and dinner with their families and the pastoral staff

Lectionary – a schedule of scripture readings that includes passages from the Old Testament, the Epistles and the Gospels, as well as psalms to use as prayer. There is a two-year Daily Lectionary for personal use, and a three-year Sunday Lectionary that helps in the selection of lessons to be read in worship

Legacy Society – those in the congregation who have included MAPC in their wills

Liturgy – a compound of two Greek words: laos, which means people, and ergon which means work, ie, “work of the people.” The liturgy is the order and content of a worship service and is the work of the people that we offer to God

Mid-Timers – a fellowship group of people too old to be part of the20s/30s fellowship, but not yet comfortable with the idea of being senior citizens. This group meets bi-monthly for various cultural and social activities, which often involve dinner in a local restaurant or in a member’s apartment

Narthex – the glass enclosed space between the front steps of the church and the entrance to the Sanctuary where we greet one another before and after the services. Serving a dual purpose, the acoustical design allows parents with noisy or active children to take them to the Narthex and oversee them while still being able to see and hear the worship service

Nave – the technical name of the space in the sanctuary, between the narthex and the chancel, where worshippers sit

Phillips Lounge – a gathering space behind the Sanctuary, and adjacent to the Dana Chapel, where committee meetings are held. This space is also where the children go for the ongoing education program that follows the pastor’s Lesson for Young Christians on Sunday mornings

Sacristy – a space in a church where Communion elements are prepared

SAMS – Saint Andrew Music Society is the organization that administers and presents various music recitals and concerts throughout the course of the year

Seniors Unlimited – a fellowship and educational program for senior citizens. Programs include lectures and activities useful to people in their senior years, as well as several excursions that often take the group out of New York City for the day

Session – the governing body of a Presbyterian church. MAPC’s Session is comprised of eighteen elders and the three pastors, who together make the decisions that govern the life of the congregation

Taize – a Protestant monastery in France that developed a unique form of congregational song/chant, which we often use as congregational song during the distribution of Communion

Trustees – a group of men and women who report to the Session and to whom the Session has delegated the monitoring of the business affairs of the congregation. The board also makes recommendations concerning the church’s property

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