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The Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church Day School is an integral part of the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church. The Day School was founded in 1949 as an extension of the Church's educational mission and community outreach. It continues to serve families within and beyond the congregation; providing a developmentally appropriate nursery-kindergarten program. The curriculum is intentionally non-religious, but is designed to enhance children's spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. The Day School seeks to provide its educational opportunities to an ethnically, economically, and religiously diverse community.

The Day School is an educational environment which respects and nurtures the different gifts and learning styles each child brings to the group. The children's interests are an integral part of curriculum planning. We support an inquiry process leading toward focused studies of topics which are particularly engaging to the children and provide the opportunity for integrated, emergent curriculum. This project approach embraces the arts as languages which enable expression of ideas, theories, understanding and questions. It affords teachers insight into each child’s needs and interests.

Active, expressive, child-centered learning experiences are emphasized. Recognizing that play is the work of children, manipulative materials such as sand, water, clay, paint and blocks are provided. Explorations with concrete materials encourage children to think, to plan, to re-create and thereby to make sense of the world.

Professionally qualified teachers develop programs rich in language experiences and reading and math readiness to encourage in each child a love of learning, curiosity, creativity, self confidence and independence as a learner. Music and Art teacher specialists encourage the full exploration and development of creative expression and fluency in these languages.

The Day School welcomes families of various religious traditions and encourages parents to share their faith and other aspects of their family culture, heritage and religion with their children. Christmas, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Easter are celebrated in the Church Sanctuary, and prayers of thanks (the saying or singing of “grace”) are regularly included in the school activities. Chanukah, Passover, Norouz, and Lunar New Year are among the holidays from many other traditions that are observed throughout the year. Prime goals of the Day School are to help children understand that they are precious and beloved in God’s sight and to teach them to respect one another’s religious and cultural differences.

An active parent body supports the work of the school through a variety of social and fund raising events as well as through representation on the MAPC Day School Committee which formulates school policy. Families are encouraged to join in the celebration of special events, holidays and the ordinary life of the classroom. We believe the school-teacher-parent relationship is a partnership based on mutual desire to support each child’s journey into the world.


  • Association for Childhood Education International
  • Association of Teachers of Independent Schools
  • Early Steps
  • Independent School Admissions Association of Greater New York
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • North American Reggio Emilia Affiliate
  • Parents League of New York

Licensed by The City of New York Department of Health

Accredited by The New York State Association of Independent Schools

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