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As Jesus came among us as one who serves, so he has sent us into the world to serve others in his name. As we minister to others so he ministers to us. Anyone who has done so knows that the hope and sense of wellbeing engendered in that process are rarely derived from more secular pursuits.

MAPC is committed to ministries that serve children and women at risk, provide shelter, food and clothing, and work in partnership with other organizations in New York City that share our commitments. Our partnerships also have a global reach through ministries with our sisters and brothers in Christ in the Global South as they commit themselves to preaching and teaching the Good News of the Gospel and reaching out to others in Jesus’ name.

Ten percent of monies contributed to the recent multi-million dollar capital campaigns (Fund for Renewal and 921 Fund) have been dedicated to partnership projects in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, the Bronx and First Spanish Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, NY.

The church’s annual operating budget, funded in part by pledges and gifts from the annual stewardship campaign, includes a significant allocation — currently 8.26% of the operating budget with an ultimate goal of 10% — for local and international grants, advocacy projects, and hands-on ministries in which MAPC members and friends participate.

In addition, we regularly receive special offerings to address crises arising from natural disasters. These gifts are distributed through our denomination’s Presbyterian Disaster Assistance program.

The church also operates two on-site overnight shelters, one in partnership with our sister congregation, St. James Episcopal Church, and the other in partnership with the city’s emergency street rescue program. In addition, we serve a Thursday evening dinner to more than 150 women and men who otherwise might not eat that evening. Saturdays we staff a Learning Enrichment Activities Program (LEAP) for children in East Harlem.

More information about our outreach programs is available on the Local and Global Outreach pages of our website. If you would like to participate in one of these programs, contact us, or speak with the Rev. Andy Smothers who will gladly help you find a place to serve.

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