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Cape Town

Table Mountain over Cape Town

I spent my last week in Africa in beautiful Cape Town. It was a real treat to be in such a magnificent place. The majestic mountains, turquoise seas, and unique wildlife create an awesome setting. Also, it was wonderful to have time with my friend Jean Downing and her family. Jean and I lived in Belgium together and I had not seen her since we both moved four years ago. It was wonderful to be with her and her family again. This week was more of a vacation in the midst of my travels. I got to be a tourist for the week and Jean did an excellent job of showing me around the Cape Town area. Also, I did speak to a group of teenagers at a home school academy where Jean works a few days a week. The teens are home schooled but also meet together once a week. I talked to them about my experience in Zambia as well as being open for the opportunities that God places in our paths. I had never planned to live in either Belgium or Zambia, but found myself in South Africa visiting friends from Belgium for this week!

With the youth at the home school academy

I would like to share my experience in Cape Town with you through my photographs. I enjoyed visiting with my friends, the natural scenery, and the city itself - what a great way to end my time in Africa. I hope you catch a glimpse of this amazing part of our world! 

Cape Point at the Cape of Good Hope

Jean and I at the Cape Point lighthouse

An afternoon in the winelands - Stellenbosch and Franschhoek

       We did a wine & chocolate tasting at Waterford and had lunch at Tokara 

Saturday morning at the Old Biscuit Mill market

Old Biscuit Mill had many wonderful food stalls

Whale watching at Hermanus

Whale tail! 

Penguins at Stoney Point

Here they come!



With some curious penguins

A funny little critter, a dassie (rock hyrax), whose closest living relative is the elephant

Baby dassies

Table Mountain from the Cape Town Waterfront

Thanks for a great week Jean!

Posted October 25, 2012


Love the blog and all the special places. Many warm memories. God speed on the next part of your journey

Tharien van Eck on October 25, 2012

Becky, these photos are absolutely stunning. I hope JC Austin is seeing them! ALlison

allison m on October 25, 2012

You really take good photos! I want to go there and see it all.

Questa on October 26, 2012

He is! :) Cape Town is an amazing city; glad you got a little time there and managed to make it down to Hermanus, too. Blessings on the return journey.

JC Austin on October 26, 2012

Thanks for the wonderful foray into the wonders of creation! Glad you had a chance to rest up a little before the next stage of your travels

Carolyn L Patterson on October 26, 2012

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