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Chobe Top 12

River safari with Carrie and Corin

I spent my last day in Botswana in Chobe National Park. I got up early in the morning to go in with Corin, one of the young ladies who works in the area, and we spent most of the day in the park. Then I had a boat safari in the late afternoon I went on a river safari with Corin and Carrie. It was a wonderful day and I even got to see many animals I had not seen before: a honey badger, roan antelope, red lechwe, steenbok, jackals, and a tawny eagle. We also saw lots of animals congregated around the river as it is now dry season. There were whole herds of zebra, buffalo, and elephant, which was a majestic sight. My favorite part of the day was watching a leopard with its kill. We spotted a dead impala up in a tree, which is the work of a leopard, and decided to wait to see if she would come back. We waited for just over two hours, watching the elephants drink and play in the water nearby. Then there was a twitter in the trees as the birds became agitated and then we saw her. For several minutes she stood behind the tree trunk from where we were, then with just two jumps she was up in the tree. We then watched and listened as she began eating. I hope I can share a bit of the wonder of this place with you. Below are my top twelve photos from the day, enjoy!

Roan antelope



Tawny eagle


Lilac breasted roller 


Ellies and impala at the river

Leopard with impala kill 


Mom and baby

Goodbye beautiful Botswana

Posted September 25, 2012


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