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Lake Titicaca

On Friday, Sarah and I headed to Lake Titicaca. We tried to catch a bus in the morning, but they had all left early because it was a holiday weekend and lots of people were traveling. Fortunately, we were able to get a bus just after lunch. The three and a half hour ride out to the lake from La Paz was beautiful. We traveled along the flat, rural altiplano until we started to get into more mountains. As we approached the lake, winding around the sides of the mountains, there were spectacular views. At one point we even had to get off the bus and ride a ferry across a straight to get to the town where we were staying, Copacabana.

View of Copacabana from our hostel

We arrived with just enough time to walk around a bit, then enjoy dinner as the sun went down. Copacabana is a nice but touristy town, as many tours to islands and different parts of the lake depart from there. There were also many local families enjoying the holiday weekend at Copacabana.

Locals enjoying the holiday weekend

On Saturday morning we climbed Cerro Calvario, a hill next to the town. The climb was difficult as we were at about 14,000 feet above sea level but we slowly made our way to the top. In the 1950s, stations of the cross were put along the path up the hill and it is now considered a pilgrimage site. We would pause at the foot of each cross and even stood with a family who prayed the Lord’s Prayer at one of the crosses.

The cross where we prayed with the family

The view from the top of Cerro Calvario was stunning. It was a cloudy day and we could see rain over parts of the lake and every now and then the sun would break through. At the top, women were selling candles to light at the summit – supposedly to bring you health, money, love, education, etc. I bought two to light in memory of loved ones who have died, my best childhood friend Cameron and my grandfather Frank.

At the top of Cerro Calvario

Many people lit candles - the two in the middle are in memory of Cameron and Frank

We stayed at the top of the hill for a while, just enjoying the view. Then we made our way back down to the town, visited the church, and had lunch before catching our bus back to La Paz. It was a great little trip and I’m glad to have seen this amazing part of our world! 

Rain over the lake

Lake Titicaca from the top of Cerro Calvario

Enjoying the view

Posted November 4, 2012


Dear one, I am so touched that you remembered Frank, brings tears to my eyes. We had some extremely good trips to and around South America so it was most appropriate that you remembered him there. My desktop photo is of Frank standing on Sugarloaf in Rio with the Cristo in the background (although the clouds had moved in so couldn't see the Christ). I think that we saw Him "through a glass darkly". Now I know that Frank is now seeing him "face to face". Thank you Becky. Can hardly wait to see you. Love, Grandma

Ginger Jones on November 6, 2012

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