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Lusaka & Livingstone

The Ellington family

This week I have been making my way through Zambia toward Botswana. I have stopped along the way in Lusaka and Livingstone. I was in Lusaka for three days staying at Justo Mwale Theological University College. While there I got to spend time with my friends, the Ellingtons, who are PC(USA) mission coworkers. I attended church with them on Sunday and also attended Dr. Ellington’s preaching class on Monday morning. I really enjoyed sitting in on this class as it reminded me of my own experience at seminary. Each week one student preaches to the class, then the class evaluates the sermon together. They discuss the delivery, Biblical content, and relevance of the sermon. The Ellingtons have been wonderful friends to me this year and I was blessed to have this time with them and get a glimpse of their ministry in Lusaka.

Student preaching in Justo Mwale class

Class discussion

As well as spending time with the Ellingtons I also had a chance to rest and reflect on the past year. It was wonderful to have this time to shift gears from my work with TEEZ and saying goodbye to preparing for my travel time. I had time to thank God for all that has past and pray about what is to come.

A shady spot at Victoria Falls

On Wednesday morning I headed down to Livingstone on the 6am bus. I had a reservation for the 7am bus but arrived in time to just barely make the earlier one. The bus was literally rolling out of the station as they threw on my luggage and I hurriedly bought the ticket. I planned to stay in Livingstone for two nights so I could have a full day to see Victoria Falls and relax before leaving Zambia.

Victoria Falls

I had visited Victoria Falls in late May when my parents were visiting. At that time the water level was very high after rainy season. We had gotten soaked as we wandered through the park and could just make out the falls through all the mist. It is a very different picture now in the dry season. The falls are pretty much dry on the Zambia side. It is stunning to witness the difference, I am glad to experience both wonders. The gorge that has been carved is beautiful, something we had not been able to see in May. But I do miss the characteristic rumble that had been ever present on my previous visit. Instead a small herd of elephants wandered through the camp last night, munching what they could find and trumpeting to one another. This week has given me time to think back over my experience and add a few more amazing memories to my time in Zambia. 

        River below falls, May                                      Same view, September 

Victoria Falls with my parents in May

View from the same overlook in September

Posted September 13, 2012


Wonderful post and to see how your year came together. Safe travels

Tharien on September 13, 2012

Isn't "Time" and how we live it amazing. Keep taking notes as you travel. See you soon!

Edward Francis Hudaverdi on September 13, 2012

Wonderful travels to you, Rebecca. And "well done, good and faithful servant."

Mariam on September 18, 2012

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