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Mwende bwino

TEEZ farewell luncheon

Over this past week I have heard this phrase countless times, “mwende bwino” – travel well. The year has gone and my time with TEEZ and my friends in Kitwe has drawn to a close. In the midst of orientation for the new folks there were good times for me to wrap up my time in Zambia and say goodbye. On Wednesday I had my final evaluation in the morning with the TEEZ Director and Rev. Banda, then TEEZ hosted a wonderful farewell luncheon for me. We enjoyed visiting, sharing a meal, and I was even presented with a few gifts to remember my time in Zambia with TEEZ – a necklace and copper clock.

Receiving TEEZ's gift from Rev. Banda

Then on Friday, my last night, the international crowd got together to send me out in style. We had fun singing, sharing a potluck dinner, and watching slideshows. The Lund family even had a farewell song they had written about my time with them over this past year. It was a very special night and a wonderful time to celebrate together. The evening was bittersweet as I had to say goodbye to my friends as the party came to an end.

International farewell crowd

The other side of this week was orientation for the new TEEZ interns. As you know, Andrew and Claire Ruth are the new Global Ministry Fellow folk. There is also a young woman from South Korea, Esther, who has come through the United Methodist Church to develop projects on gender issues and e-learning who is an intern with TEEZ this year as well. We had a lot of fun together this past week learning about TEEZ and life in Zambia. Please pray for Andrew, Claire, and Esther as they adjust to life in Zambia and their work with TEEZ. I think they will do very well here.

Andrew, Claire, Esther, and me

It was very hard to say the final goodbye this morning. We were planning to go into town as usual for a Saturday morning, except that I would have my luggage and not come back. The Lunds, Andrew, Claire, and I all piled into the Lund’s truck but we only made it as far as the front gate of MEF before the truck developed a problem. We pushed the truck back to their house and spent the next hour sitting on the lawn and visiting which ended up being sweet time together. Eventually I did have to go catch the bus to begin my travels. I tearfully left the compound that has been my home for this past year and am now writing to you from Lusaka, where I will be for the next few days. Over the next two months I will be visiting Kasane in Botswana, MAPC’s partner CCAP churches in Zimbabwe, Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa, Buenos Aires in Argentina, La Paz in Bolivia, and finally my favorite foreign country of Texas to have some time with my family before returning to MAPC. I will continue to give you updates as I am able and I hope you will come along with me.

Almost leaving

Posted September 8, 2012


mwende bwino, friend. Jaya masi!

Kathy Dain on September 8, 2012

Wow! Mwende bwino, friend, and enjoy your travels. We can't wait to hear/read about them!

Ryan & Molly Dowell Baum on September 10, 2012

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