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Packing and preparing

This past week has been a tough one. I spent most of the week packing, getting the house ready for the new folks, and making sure I had all my travel plans in line. Packing always makes me a bit sad. Sorting through all of the things that have made up my daily life for the past year and having to decide what to carry with me and what to let go was very hard. Thinking of the people and relationships I will be leaving was even harder. Even though life in Zambia was challenging for me in many ways I was so blessed by the people God set in my path here – colleagues, students, and friends.

Packing makes Colby sad too

This week, while being my last week in Kitwe, is also a week of preparation. Andrew and Claire Ruth, the new GMF folks and TEEZ interns, arrived on Sunday. This week will be their crash course on life in Zambia and their work with TEEZ. We had a good day in town today getting to know the lay of the land and one another. As I was showing them around I was amazed to think that one year ago I was the wide-eyed muzungu trying to take it all in. Now that I have things fairly well figured out I will be leaving on Saturday to begin my travels. Please pray for a good week of saying goodbye for me as well as a warm welcome for the Ruths.

Claire and Andrew are here!

Posted September 3, 2012


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