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Teaching with the help of a translator

Last week Rev. Banda and I traveled to Solwezi to conduct a TEEZ Tutor Training course. This was my last training with TEEZ and it turned out to be quite an adventure! First of all we had the biggest training of the year as far as numbers are concerned with 50 students. When a group gets so big it is more challenging to get everyone interacting and participating – especially when working through a translator. I struggled to connect with the students on the first day, but by the second day they were opening up. Once we were able to adjust to the large group and the students began participating we had a great training.

Students meeting in groups inside...

and outside!

While the training went well we struggled with the logistics of the trip. Monday was a national holiday here, but not all the materials we needed had been prepared the week before. We only learned that the group would be so large over the weekend. So some of the TEEZ staff had to be called in on the holiday to prepare the materials, which took several hours. Then when we finally did arrive in Solwezi it was a bit of a puzzle to connect with our hostess. We finally go to our guest house and were looking forward to getting some rest before starting the training. Unfortunately the place we stayed was more of a hang out for the staff than a haven for guests. It was very noisy until after midnight each night and the staff were back up getting ready for the coming day before 5am each morning. Then on Thursday morning our truck would not start. We have been having problems with it for some time but it finally just gave up. I went on ahead to the training and Rev. Banda stayed behind to deal with the truck. By Friday afternoon the truck was still not in working order and had been moved to a mechanic’s garage. I had a wedding to attend on Saturday morning so had to get back to Kitwe. We found a driver willing to take me as far as Chingola, which is about an hour away from Kitwe, then a friend kindly came to fetch me from there. Rev. Banda stayed in Solwezi, hopeful that he would be able to bring the truck back the next day. Saturday evening I got a call from him saying he had taken the bus back and we would have to send someone for the truck later this week when it was running again. Normally this would have been a challenging situation but because we were both sleep deprived it was almost overwhelming.

Solwezi Tutor Training group

This training week was an embodiment of my year here. Laughter, frustration, learning, teaching, joy and distress all mixed together. Somehow in the midst of it all God continues to speak into our lives and form us more and more into the people we were created to be. I am thankful for my experiences here but am also looking forward to being in a more familiar context soon. Over the past year I have trained about 325 Zambians to be able to tutor others in their congregations. Please pray that they would use their knowledge and experience to equip others and that the church would be strengthened here in Zambia. Also, please be praying for me as I finish my time here and the new folks who will be coming from MAPC, Andrew and Claire Ruth, as we all live through this time of transition. Finally please pray for the TEEZ staff in Kitwe, that they can work well and have their needs met to continue this ministry. 

 Me and Rev. Banda - TEEZ training team 2011-2012

Posted August 13, 2012


Hi Becky, I'm so glad your year has gone well and you have served God well. You look well and happy in the photos. God Bless!

Linda Millson on August 13, 2012

Hi, Rebecca - What an adventure you've had! You must be looking forward to traveling around on your own for the next few months, hopefully with more reliable transportation, no? Blessings on you and the ministry of TEEZ, and here's a prayer that God holds you safe in his hands until you're home again.

Don Wahlig on August 13, 2012

Well, I guess by now you're at least somewhat used to going along with whatever circumstances come your way and making whatever adjustments are necessary! For sure, it's a different world there. It sounds like your trainees do indeed appreciate the opportunities you and Rev. Banda provide.

Kathy Hoffman on August 17, 2012

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