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TEE Training with CCAP Harare Synod

Teaching my last TEE training, with help from our wonderful translator

Last week we were busy with a TEE training at Rock Haven, CCAP Harare Synod’s training center just outside Harare. The training lasted from Wednesday to Saturday, then we closed our time together with a worship service on Sunday morning. Andrew and Claire came down from Zambia to help me conduct the training. It was a great week both teaching and getting to know the students here in Zimbabwe.

Andrew teaching

I was also glad to spend some more time with Andrew and Claire. This was their first TEE training and they did a marvelous job! They also connected very well with the students and were able to share so much with the participants as we shared meals, had discussions, and hung out together. Please pray for them as they continue to settle in and have already begun their ministry here. They both have so many gifts that I know God will use and continue growing over this year.

Claire praying with one of the students

This training marks the beginning of lay leader focused Theological Education by Extension in Zimbabwe. There is a TEE program here, but it is a correspondence course related to a university that is being used to train priests and pastors. So this was the first training of lay tutors who will be sent back to their churches to teach and equip others in their congregations. So this week was very special as we were reaping the benefits of MAPC’s partnerships with both TEE in Zambia and CCAP in Zimbabwe – and in turn they have also become partners in ministry. It was exciting and humbling to be a part of establishing this ministry here.

The establishment of TEE with CCAP Harare Synod: Claire, Andrew, Rev. Kangwa Mabuliki (the TEE in Zambia Director), Rev. Libias Boloma (CCAP General Secretary), me, and Rev. Pattison Chirongo (CCAP Moderator)

Please pray for the participants, the very first TEE tutors in CCAP Harare Synod. Pray that they will be encouraged in their ministry and start classes in their home congregations. Also, pray for the leadership of CCAP Harare Synod who have recognized the need for TEE in their churches and worked hard to have this training come to Zimbabwe. Please pray especially for Abusa Libias Boloma, who has such a heart for the church here and has been working tirelessly with me to get this project up and running. They are still looking for a TEE coordinator, someone who can administrate the project and encourage the tutors in their work – please pray that the right person would be selected to help TEE start well here. I will spending the rest of this week in Harare, where I will be visiting different church and pastors to see what is happening here. I send greetings from Abusa Boloma and his wife, Grace, who are my gracious hosts this week. 

The TEE training group from CCAP Harare Synod

Posted October 1, 2012


Becky, thanks so much for this report. It's downright exciting to see this program get started in Zim and to see the beginning of what I trust will be a mutually beneficial relation between TEEZ and Harare Synod. You deserve a lot of credit for helping to make this happen!

Kathy H on October 1, 2012

Wonderful news, Rebecca! It's so good to see the familiar faces of our partners and you, Andrew and Claire. Thanks for sharing and please pass on our greetings to them. Such a blessing, all the way around.

Don Wahlig on October 1, 2012

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