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About a month ago I wrote about the situation in Zambia with Barotseland declaring its independence. The situation continues to be tense, but peaceful so far. The leaders of Barotseland are pressuring President Sata to do something but he is not saying much if anything on the subject. Last week there was an article in the paper in which the Vice President said the issue would have to be dealt with through the Zambian constitution. I am not sure what that means, but the constitution is currently under review. Please continue to pray for peace in Zambia and for a resolution which has the best interest of both parties in mind.

Also, I wanted to give you an update on my puppy, Colby. He is growing like a weed and we are having a lot of fun together. When I am away on trainings he stays with the Lunds where he gets to hang out with his mom and sister. The photos below will give you a good sense of his character – and he has a lot of it!

Colby at two months

With his bear-bear

Three months old

Colby is now four months old and growing up fast

What a handsome pup!

Posted April 30, 2012


Wow is he getting big!! So, are you going to bring him back home with you?

Liz Jones on April 30, 2012

Becky Bob and I are so happy you are a dog person! Your photos are beautiful and you look fantastic! Hard to believe it has already been a year since PTS. God bless you and your ministry. kd

Kathy Dain on June 12, 2012

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